"im gonna hand code my site and put it up.." yeah right

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big dreams, poor decision making abilities. "it's like having a jet engine of a mind and an ox-cart of a body"

15 March 2010

i'm here now.


07 December 2009



[forgot to hit post yday, hence the date discrepancy]

13 August 2009


first day up and mobile in... wow 10 days. glad i started now, otherwise i'd be *completely* disoriented come saturday.

28 May 2009

here comes the... oh.

mm, finally sunny after days of miserable weather, the sun peeks its head and i grab junk to sit outside. head back to pill up on the *new* other med i'm on, and i remember it wants me to stay out of direct sunlight.

[this is where "FML" would go, but i can't bring myself to actually start writing those. hilarious site though.]

15 March 2009


"L" 2:41 AM
not like theyre drunk

i love muscle memory

me 2:41 AM

"L" 2:41 AM
aka bveing able to tyope in passwors

me 2:42 AM

those 2 lines are awesome

18 February 2009


i'll admit, yes, it's yet another habit i've assimilated from my brother and made my own. right now, my "to-be-listened-to" # of podcasts stands at 81 total, from around 26 different sources- some daily updated others very sporadically. now, i don't plan on listening to them *all* but i subscribe, and pick and choose what looks good... but it *is* starting to go runaway train on me[, not unlike my comic book collection].
this post is a placeholder tho; i'm busy now, but eventually i'll get around to making a list of what my podcast feeds are and why [as requested..]; but in the meanwhile, i'm wondering: does anyone else have a do-not-miss podcast? you dont have to be all pokemon* like me, but what else do you listen to?

*gotta catch 'em all! [groan]

[wow havent blogged proper since forever ago... i'd blog abouT non-blogging but how cliche is that, hah. stuff happened, you didn't miss anything, new year, obama. BLOGGD]


04 November 2008

Nov 4, 2008 - 4 feeds of Pres. Elect Obama